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Traditional hand-crafted Black soap has been used for centuries in West Africa to cleanse, purify and brighten the skin. In place of Sodium Hydroxide, the ash of Sheanut shells and residue of processed shea-cake is mixed to produce our SOLAFRIC Sheashine black soap.

A miracle-worker for acne- and pimple prone skin, it has a smooth, oily feel while maintaining excellent deep-cleansing properties.Due to its high content of non-saponifiable free fatty acids, the natural acidic layer of the skin can restore itself much quicker, preventing dryness and providing good re-moisturization. We recommend an application of SOLAFRIC Sheabutter or SOLAFRIC Organic Baobab oil after use to reinforce this effect for optimum results.

SOLAFRIC Sheashine black soap is sold as solid bars, handcrafted by our women cooperative, as well as in the form of a paste or a liquid concentrate raw or with various essential oils.

Its economy of use is amazing, a bean-sized quantity suffices to bathe your entire body SOLAFRIC Sheashine black soap has an average PH value of 7.8, which can vary due to the artisanal production

Benefits: Deep cleansing of hair, skin and pores. Prevents dry scalp & Dandruff, gives hair a silky, brilliant and rich look.  Leaves skin clear, smooth and supple, brightens and tones complexion and texture of skin

Directions: Rub bar or a small quantity of paste on wet hands or loofah sponge and create a rich lather. Wash face, body or hair and rinse off thoroughly. Follow with application of SOLAFRIC Sheabutter for optimum effect.